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Western Suburbs, Melbourne

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Rug Cleaning & Carpet Spot Removal

J-Mel are your local Hoppers Crossing carpet cleaning experts. Over the last 40 years we have tried and tested various methods to find that steam is the most effective, and healthiest, way to clean your carpet.

Steam cleaning will not only have your carpets looking clean, fresh and new, but will remove harmful allergens such as dust mites, fungus and bacteria. The steam penetrates carpet fibre to remove deep stains, restoring your carpets to their original state.

The family owned and operated team at J-Mel use truck-mounted machines to steam clean your carpet. The machines use power and hot water generated from the vehicle, saving you both energy and money. Our methods are environmentally friendly and proven to deliver consistently great results. Our carpet steam cleaning includes stain guarding and deodorising ensuring the fresh, new carpet feeling stays in your home for longer.

Our carpet cleaning services include:

End of lease carpet cleaning

Rental properties generally require an end of lease carpet clean once you vacate the property. Clean carpets are an essential step in ensuring full reimbursement of your bond. Once you have moved out, J-Mel technicians will expertly steam clean your carpets, removing stains, odours and deeply ingrained dust and dirt, leaving the home ready for its next tenants. We also offer tile and grout cleaning to help ensure the whole house is left in top condition.

Annual steam clean

Regular carpet cleaning is highly recommended to ensure a healthy environment for your family and pets. J-Mel works with customers to develop a regular schedule of carpet maintenance that is not only affordable, but keeps your carpet in the best possible state for your family. Regular removal of allergens such as dust mites, bacteria and fungus as well as pet hair and general dirt is essential for the ongoing health of your family, especially children and pets.

In addition, we offer tile and grout cleaningupholstery cleaning, and car interior cleaning for a complete spring clean package!

Flood damage recovery

Water damaged carpet can present a number of health risks for your family and pets. Mould and mildew caused by damp or wet carpets can lead to asthma, allergic reactions and other respiratory illnesses. Further to this, wet carpet can result in further damage to the house with water penetrating frames and other structures, compromising the integrity of your house and becoming a very expensive problem.

Rug cleaning

At J-Mel Carpet Cleaning we take great pleasure in seeing a gorgeous rug restored to its original state however we understand the risk involved in cleaning certain fibres. That is why we take the time to identify the material and fibres in your rug and test the colour stability, determining the overall condition of the rug and the best way to clean it. Our unique approach has been perfected over four decades of experience and technological advances, ensuring we clean your rug with care, precision and expertise, restoring vibrancy, removing pollutants and leaving you pleased with the final result.

Spot cleaning

J-Mel are specialists in the removal of spots and stains that affect most carpets. Using specialised products and equipment, our technicians will use their experience and training to remove even the most stubborn stains. From a recent red wine or cordial spill to a stain that has been there for years and just won’t budge, J-Mel will treat and remove the spot, leaving your carpets looking clean and fresh.